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The life of a cat isn’t all purrs and pets. In this exciting new math game, you must take on the role of a hungry alley cat fending off other stray cats in order to eat some yummy sausage! Choose your side in an adorable tug of war where the strength of your kitty is based on your ability to answer a series of math questions as fast as you can! Do you think you’re sharp enough to keep your kitty well fed by out thinking your opponent? Each correct answer helps tug the chain of sausage links a little bit closer to your hungry maw and farther away from your fuzzy opponent. You’ll also be able to customize your cat from a wide variety of colors and patterns. Whether you need to sharpen your claws on some math basics or are looking to sink your teeth into a fun math game, Cat Wars is the game for you!

While on the character select screen, use your mouse to click left or right on the green arrows and choose your desired cat, then press start. Choose which grade level --from P - 8-- that you’d like to compete at and then choose one of the four different skills from the pop-up menu. When the game starts a question will appear beneath the cats. Use your mouse to select the correct answer from the four possibilities listed below. A correct answer will move the sausage towards you. An incorrect answer will allow the opposing cat to drag the cat a little closer to their side. Good luck and have fun.

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